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Super Ads
Ad Optimization for Apps and Games

  • We partner with studios to drive the highest Ad revenue impact

  • Developers have seen +100% increase in Ad revenues within 24 hours

Success Fee - ONLY

We are only compensated if and when your App improves its monetization

Admob + Other AdNetworks Optimization

Improve your Admob (or any other adnetwork) monetization and drive significant results

Continuous Improvements

Machine-Learning algorithmic changes to  improve your results

Mediation Platform Optimization

We work with any mediation platform from IronSource to Applovin Max or Admob

No Effort At All

We take full control of your Ad Operations and necessary implementations

Expert Team

Built by mobile gaming experts that created Apps with over 500 Million downloads

What Our Clients Say

Nikolas - Alphaquest Studio

We've been working with Super for 6 months now and the results have been awesome. We saw huge revenue uplifts in 24 hours. Great team. Highly recommend


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